Before you withdraw please consider the following:

  • Would I be wasting my time and effort if I give up now?
  • Is this the best solution to my problems?
  • Did you know that you can talk to the programme coordinator to discuss your concerns before you withdraw, as there may be alternate options that we can help with.

  • Have I accessed all the support that EIT can provide?
  • Did you know EIT has learning Centres around in Hawkes Bay where you can come for assistance?

    Please see the link on the homepage for the NZCC timetable for assistance.

    Did you also know EIT offers Academic Learning Services?

  • I have completed this far, isn't it worth finishing?
  • Will I regret withdrawing?
  • Have you read the EIT Student Handbook section on withdrawal.
  • This can be found on the EIT website.

Please note that withdrawal may affect your eligibility for student loans and allowances in the future.

If you decide to withdraw from the programme it is essential that you complete the form below.

Your request will be actioned as soon as possible.

Please note a staff member may contact you regarding your withdrawal.

Please Note: We do not usually send out letters confirming your withdrawal - If you require a letter please email to NZCC2 to request this once you have submitted this request.